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Conservation framing

Dec 06, 2022

Conservation framing does not only apply to expensive museum works. Any works that has high significant value should be framed with great care and displayed in a secure setting that is suitable for that particular artwork. The framing procedure used above to secure the work safely is also reversible, so you are free to take it out of the framing materials at any moment and store it safely in your storage.

The conservation materials we use are UV Protected Glazings, PH-Neutral and Buffered 100% cotton museum mattboards, acid free adhesives, backing boards and moisture control sheets to help with the humidity level within the frame. We apply museum-grade hinges, and if necessary, we may airtightly seal a work of art inside a frame.

As you can see from the example above, there are multiple layers to framing.
Layer 1: Frame Profile Selected
Layer 2: UV-Filtering Glazing
Layer 3: pH-neutral and pH-buffered 100% Cotton Museum Window Matt
Layer 4: pH-neutral and pH-buffered 100% Cotton Museum Base Matt
Layer 5: Inert backing boards and moisture-control sheets

A framed artwork is the best way conserve the artwork for a long time. When an artwork is being framed the correct way, it provides a secure and stable environment for it to live in. it will be protected from the surrounding temperatures, humidity levels and UV light rays.