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Hooks vs wire

Dec 06, 2022

“Why does my frame have a wire?” “Why are there only two hooks and no wire, how do I hang them?”

These are the common questions we get from our clients on a regular basis.
But, why do some frames have a wire and some just two hooks at the sides?
It depends on the weight and size of the overall frame. If it is a small frame, a wire will be sufficient. However, if the frame is large and heavy - we highly recommend two hooks at each side of the frame this is much stable, secure and safe for both frame and surrounding.



The wires we use are stainless steel cables, they are corrosion and rust resistant. They are sturdy but only able to hold a certain weight limit. However due to lack of security, it tends to move when being knocked. Some of our clients will paste 3M Velcro Tapes at the back of the frame whilst using the wire for hanging – for extra security. This can be done for small or light weight frames.






For larger and much heavier frames, we will place two heavy duty D-Hooks as its fixings. In this case, two screws will need to be drilled into the wall. Hooking up the frame onto the wall will be the safest and sturdiest option to ensure the frames are secured entirely with minimal movements. If a wire is used for a heavier and larger frame, the top part frame will be tilted to the front causing the frame to lean away from the wall. In time to come, the frame will bound to fall onto the floor and the artwork might get damage during the fall too.