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Tips and tricks to secure and transport jigsaw puzzles for framing

Dec 06, 2022

Jigsaw puzzles is one of a great family activity to do during the holidays or
just to kill time. After spending hours, days or even weeks completing the mini project, you might need a house for the puzzle. What will that be?
A frame of course!

BUT how do you ensure the puzzle stays in one piece during the move?

Don’t stress, take it piece by piece (pun intended) ?
Before you even start putting the puzzle together, prepare 2 cardboards that are at least 10cm bigger than the puzzle size on all 4 sides. When assembling the puzzle, do it onto 1 of the cardboard so it will be easy for you to move it around the household without starting over again and again.

Upon completion, glue down the puzzle to the cardboard backing for maximum secure. If you are not confident to glue down on your own, skip this step!


Instead of gluing the puzzle down to the cardboard base:
You may use any sort of paper, fold into half and place one side below the puzzle and the other half to cover the top part puzzle. Repeat all along the sides of the puzzle and tape it down to the base cardboard to ensure it does not move.

Once that is done you can cover the puzzle with the second cardboard. Ensure the boards are flat at all time during transportation. Place the board onto a flat surface too to avoid any cracks / puzzle coming apart.







And that is it! After the puzzle has reached the shop, it is now safe on our hands to pick out the suitable framing style a.k.a home for the puzzle piece!