Lead time is 7 to 14 days.
All design and framing work are fabricated locally in our workshop and assembled by us on our premises. Rest assured that your artworks will never be outsourced to a third party.
Yes, we can work on it. Kindly inform us the date you require the frame/order to be ready and we will try our best to accommodate.
Yes, we do. We create them to cater for clients who have a tight timeline for their artwork and prefer to pick up a frame off the rack.
Yes, we will add on the wire/hooks for all the frames.
Yes. We outsource this service to a professional art installer company who specialize in handling framed artworks.
YES! We can replace the affected materials. At the same time, we will clean up both the interior and exterior of the frame.
Glazing (glass or acrylic) is not an essential material for a work on canvas however if you really wish to have a glazing over the canvas for more protection against outside pollutants, like dust or dirt, it can be done. The team can place a spacer in between the glaze and the painting to allow air to circulate and prevent moisture from being trapped.
We offer high quality imported European mirror. There are a few different selections ranging from tinted colour, flat and beveled edge mirror.
Yes, that is exactly what we do! After hearing your preferences and understanding your home deco style, we will help to put together a personalize framing style for your artwork.

Not to worry, we can arrange the team to collect the artwork from you. All you need to do is provide us your address, the artwork size and whether an extra set of hands are needed to carry it if its heavy.
As soon as we have the artwork, you can swing by the shop and start selecting frames! We will also deliver the artwork to you once they are ready. Easy as that!

Yes! You can send us an email, WhatsApp or call us to provide us with the artwork details and we will work from there. You can then get a quote from us within 2 working days.
All the artworks you see on the website and in our shop are for sale. Do check in on us regularly as we have new artworks frequently.
For artworks on paper and prints, glass is required to protect the artwork from getting damaged. Matting is optional but highly recommendable as it prevents your artwork from being in full contact with the glazing. The purpose of a matting is to create an airspace between the artwork and glazing, reducing contact and damage to the artwork.
No, but we can refer you to our printers whom we work with closely.
No, but we can refer you to our restorers whom we work with closely.